Table Manners for Monsters

Tabitha and Todd had a tea party and a bunch of monsters showed up.

They showed up uninvited at the front door and rang the doorbell over and over and over until she answered the door.

They didn't wipe their feet when they came into the house and tracked mud everywhere down the hall.

They rushed into Tabitha's room and jumped on her bed that she had just made until they broke it.

They tried on all of Tabitha's clothes and then threw them on the floor.

They got out all of Tabitha's toys to play with and scattered them everywhere but didn't help pick any of them up.

When Tabitha said  "Time for tea" they ran into the hall and knocked Tabitha over in their haste.

None of them wash their hands before sitting at the table and had to be sent to the washroom.

Where they didn't flush the toilet! Which was quite rude!!!

At the tea party table the monsters rocked in the chairs until some of them broke.

They didn't put napkins in their laps to wipe their mouths with.

They sat with their elbows on the table and scuffed the wood finish.

They weren't polite, they never said "please pass the cookies" they just reached across each other's plates in their haste to grab.

They didn't close their mouths when they chewed and scattered crumbs all over the table.

They never said "thank you" when Tabitha poured them tea.

They coughed cookie crumbs across the room and never covered their mouths.

They spat at raisins that they didn't like onto the table.

They threw food at each other and made a mess on the floor.

When they ran out of cookies they licked the crumbs off the plates.

Then they put their feet on the table and leaned back in their chairs.

And belched at the table and scratched their behinds but never said excuse me when I got up.

They pick their noses and wiped the boogers under the table.

then colored on the walls out in the hall as they ran out the door screaming.

If you ever throw a tea party don't invite monsters.

The end

Written by Christopher Goeller